Timogo is firm committed to provide the best alternatives to its clients. We divide our services into four major categories suited to every corporation needs.

Coaching on business on:

  • • Strategic planning - Read More »
  • • Balanced Scorecard.
  • • Business Intelligence.
  • • Improvement Portfolio - Read More »
  • • Human Resources - Read More »
  • • Supplying Chain.
  • • Operation and Organization Manuals.

Development of new businesses and franchises.

  • • Feasibility analysis.
  • • Business plan. - Download
  • • Marketing plan and market research.
  • • Development of the franchise model. - Dowload

Process improvement and information technology.

  • • Improvement of process through technology.
  • • Management of technological projects.
  • • Process transformation - Read More »
  • • Strategic planning of TI - Read More »

Internal and operative auditing.

  • • Analysis and Evaluation of business risk.
  • • Annual plan of auditing.
  • • Operative auditing and fulfillment of processes.


Sitios amigos

1. Planning approach: integral solution.

The strategic planning and organization is an integral initiative to develop business models.

Therefore, this project must be structured based in an approach which incorporates and combines essential elements, internal as well as external, to deliver an integral business solution:

Proposal of a model of solution.

A successful enterprise model requires support on a business plan which will be developing since the orderly understanding of the elements of the ambit and the business environment, as shown in the following scheme:

Development of an improvement portfolio.

Diagnostic and strategic definition.

In this project, we will analyze:

Download: Methodology for an Improvement Plan

Consulting services and human resources outsourcing.

Our Human Resources consulting services proposal emerges from the necessity of quality and genuine services in the management of human capital detected in our region.

Thanks to our experience, we desire to be a leader in the regional market, always offering products and services of vanguard.

TIMOGO services are:


Coaching and training.


Recruiting and employment.

We spend less time in recruiting because we can obtain human talent through different sources. We have the best cost-benefit offering ample guarantee.

Social-labor Research.

We research all the data provided by candidates as working experience, references, residence sites, and personal information. We obtain real information and offer it to your enterprise with the best curriculum vitae for an immediate hiring.

Organizational Climate Measurement.


The results are which help us to define, along with the Company, the most adequate methods to motivate your personnel to lead them to the organizational culture desired.

Personal assessment.

By verifying the organization's planning and objectives on monthly, quarterly, or annually basis, as well as knowing "how did they arrive there" and "what do they need" is the best way to improve their performance and what methods need to be changed.


Business Coaching.

Discovering the abilities your personnel possess and refine them and having them commit to an idea is not always simple. Do you know how much of your personnel haven't discovered its true potential?


Life and career pathway.

In every organization, there are personnel who show abilities and capabilities which could be enhanced within time. This could be planned in the mid-term to obtain attractive results for the enterprise.


Job description.

What are the activities to be performed? Which is the best profile of the person covering the position? What is the value of his work in the organization?


Integral transformation.

Our approach is based in the fundamental questioning and the radical redesign of business, including:

All the aforementioned have the objective to achieve dramatic improvement in critical parameters of performance in sales, quality, service and costs.

Download: Business Transformation

Strategic Planning of IT (Information Technology).

Defines the orientation of the informatics resources in the mid and long term, based in the business strategy.

Guarantees the alignment among the objectives of the area of systems and the institutional mission and objectives.

Among its characteristics allows to define aspects like:

Ensure that the resources invested in Information Technology provides competitive advantage.